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Our Pastured Berkshire Pork is located in Southern Oregon, near the small Douglas County town of Riddle.

Our pigs live a happy, stress-free and natural life out on pasture, with plenty of room to frolic, graze, root up the ground and cozy, straw-filled sheds to sleep in. They are always handled in a humane manner

Though sometimes they just want to take a nap in a nice rooted up spot outdoors!




Currently available by the pound: Cuts of pork -- including bacon, ham steaks, pork chops, MSG-free breakfast sausage, pork loin and ribs.

February - whole or halves available
April 2014 - whole or halves available
May 2014 - whole or halves available

Pork may be reserved by the whole or half pig, or purchased by the cut.

Reservations are encouraged. Visit our Order Page for more information.

Our heritage breed Berkshire pigs are raised on a diet of pasture, English walnuts (in season - late September through January/February), in season fruit and vegetables, and natural grains and minerals. No antibiotics, no hormones, 100% vegetarian diet. They are never fed slop, garbage or spoiled food. We don't feed them anything we wouldn't eat ourselves.

Heritage breeds take a little longer to reach market weight, but the wait is well worth it! The pork is lean (they get lots of exercise!), moist, tender and absolutely delicious!


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions at all. We can be reached via e-mail or phone: 541-874-3333


About Our Farm || Order Pastured Pork || Contact Us


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